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#134 Inconsistent information on match/document locations. General 1.3 Bug jwilk accepted 04.06.2010
#138 Crash in poliqarp_unindex_expression sakura 1.3 Bug jwilk new 11.06.2010
#116 building binaries from NKJP sources bp Feature jwilk accepted 27.02.2009
#25 Tracking slow queries poliqarpd Feature jwilk accepted 17.11.2008
#41 Documentation for query rewriting Documentation 1.3 Feature jwilk assigned 28.11.2008
#15 Return values of system function calls should not be ignored General Bug jwilk accepted 10.11.2008
#29 Support for statistical queries sakura Bug jwilk new 17.11.2008
#44 Sorting by left context is broken sakura Bug jwilk assigned 28.11.2008
#45 Unclear semantics of przyszedłem-like queries. General Bug jwilk new 29.11.2008
#46 Unclear semantics of [case!=nom]-like queries General Bug jwilk new 29.11.2008
#50 Alias expansions leads to unexpected results General Bug jwilk new 29.11.2008
#53 Poliqarp is too slow sakura Bug jwilk assigned 01.12.2008
#58 Very unfortunate unindex thresold sakura Bug jwilk accepted 01.12.2008
#62 “All rights reserved” General Bug jwilk new 03.12.2008
#66 GUI configuration/history files Graphical UI Bug jwilk accepted 04.12.2008
#74 GUI: some files lack copyright/license information Graphical UI Bug olekb assigned 09.12.2008
#83 Server-side translations General Bug jwilk new 09.01.2009
#97 GUI: exceptions while executing statistical queries Graphical UI Bug jwilk new 05.02.2009
#106 More systematic index analysis sakura Bug jwilk new 07.02.2009
#115 getdelim() implementation is buggy General Bug jwilk accepted 23.02.2009
#123 Possible integer/buffer overflow in foostring General Bug jwilk new 07.03.2009
#144 backend-config uses strtok sakura Bug jwilk accepted 18.07.2011
#159 The full NKJP corpus General Bug jwilk new 28.04.2015
#160 Poliqarp wuery, balanced corpus – service unaviable General Bug jwilk new 13.07.2015
#161 Pod tagiem subst kryją się też czasowniki General Bug jwilk new 20.04.2016
#125 chronological sort needed Web UI Feature jwilk assigned 20.04.2009
#1 Add stale bugs from poliqarp and poliqarp-dev General Miscellaneous task olekb reopened 13.06.2008
#3 Open TCP port 8000 on bach to the outside world General Miscellaneous task adamp reopened 13.06.2008
#16 Translation of query syntax errors is not robust Graphical UI 1.2 Bug jwilk accepted 10.11.2008
#32 poliqarpc does not respect locale poliqarpc 1.2 Bug jwilk accepted 20.11.2008
#61 Invalid UTF-8 is silently ignored sakura Bug jwilk assigned 03.12.2008
#87 Translation of Poliqarp launcher messages Graphical UI Bug jwilk assigned 23.01.2009
#96 Win32: possibly flawed error reporting sakura Bug jwilk new 05.02.2009
#104 Abuse of ^ seperator sakura Bug jwilk new 07.02.2009
#105 Namespace issues sakura Bug jwilk accepted 07.02.2009
#109 Poliqarp installer doesn't execute Java installer Graphical UI Bug jwilk new 11.02.2009
#124 Illegitimate use of strcasecmp() function General Bug jwilk assigned 26.03.2009
#132 bpng: exit code 0 iff all documents were accepted bp 1.3 Bug jwilk new 14.05.2010
#133 sakura: assumes that pthread_t is an arithmetic types sakura 1.3 Bug jwilk new 14.05.2010
#135 Settings panel on the same page as query window Web UI Bug jwilk new 04.06.2010
#79 Support for GCJ JRE Graphical UI Feature jwilk assigned 08.01.2009
#101 Win32: more efficient regex implementation sakura Feature jwilk new 05.02.2009
#136 Limit number of results from a single source sakura 1.3 Feature jwilk new 04.06.2010
#137 Store settings permanently Web UI Feature jwilk new 04.06.2010
#131 bpng: document how to use poliqarp:follow() and poliqarp:document-id() bp 1.3 Miscellaneous task jwilk new 14.05.2010
#158 rodzic General Miscellaneous task jwilk new 07.11.2014
#130 gopoprzeć General Bug jwilk new 24.03.2010
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