bp — build Poliqarp binary corpus


bp { -h | --help | -v | --version }

bp [option...] base-name [root-dir...]


bp builds a binary corpus in the Poliqarp format from XCES source.


-h, --help

Display help and exit.

-v, --version

Output version information and exit.

-H, --parser-stats

Show parser statistics.

-e, --header-name=name

Add name as alternative name for header files.

-m, --morph-name=name

Add name as alternative name for morph files.

-n, --no-default-names

Don't allow default names for morph/header files (respectively morph.xml and header.xml).

-i, --incremental

Perform incremental build.

Binary format version

As of bp 1.3.1, the only supported binary format version is 2.


base-name cannot contain any path separators.

Big-endian machines are not supported.

See also

bpng(1), the new corpus converter; bpindexer(1)