poliqarpc — Poliqarp command-line client


poliqarpc { -h | --help | -v | --version }

poliqarpc [option...] corpus-base-name query...


poliqarpc executes a Poliqarp query on a corpus and print its results to standard output in the CSV format.

This program is stand-alone and does not require poliqarpd(1) to be running.


-h, --help

Display help and exit.

-v, --version

Output version information and exit.

-q, --quiet

Suppress progress messages printed to standard error stream.

-c, --context=n

Set context width to n segments. The default is 5.

-m, --no-tags-match

Don't display base forms and tags in matches.

-t, --tags-context

Display base forms and tags in contexts.

-Q, --query-rewrite=qr

Rewrite implicit queries according to rule set named qr. You can turn off query rewriting by passing an empty string as qr.

-L, --limit=n

Set the upper limit for number of results to n. The default is 1000.

-A, --all

(New in poliqarpc 1.3.7.)

Lift the upper limit for number of results.

-R, --random

(New in poliqarpc 1.3.7.)

Produce a random sample.

Binary format version

As of poliqarpc 1.3.1, the only supported binary format version is 2. Please use bpupgrade(1) to convert your corpora.


poliqarpc does not respect current locale settings. UTF-8 input is always expected and UTF-8 is always outputted.